Returning to the Village: Perspectives from Kripalu's CEO

Dear Kripalu Community,

It is time to come back to the mindset of the village. For the longest time, we lived in villages. Learning the ecosystem for safety and supporting our flourishing as human beings. We sadly have lost so much of the village concept in the westernized world; now we live more isolated, individual lives.

Being in a village means we are there for each other in the hard times and easeful ones; it means that we can hold differing views but that those views do not have to divide us into different camps. It means that we center love, that we hold an essence of service, that we stay in dialogue no matter how hard it is, we keep talking, and we keep stepping toward each other. We see the inherent beauty and goodness in all beings. We have lost so much of this in our westernized world; we are divided and becoming more so. This is and has been heartbreaking and will continue to have an unhealthy and dangerous ripple in our society.

Here at Kripalu we are committed to building and deepening our community, our village. We aspire to be a diverse, intergenerational community of practitioners that takes a village mentality to catalyze personal and societal transformation. So, we invite you to lean into the community, lean into the village mindset with us here at Kripalu, and with those you engage with in the world.

In service,

Robert Mulhall, CEO

Robert Mulhall is the CEO of Kripalu. He is passionate about service and deeply curious about how people can facilitate sustainable transformation to enable more peace, justice, and freedom in our world.

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