Scholarships and Free Programming

Imagine a Kripalu where anyone who wants to access what we have to offer is able to do so. A place where, when you arrive, you feel like you belong and are seen in your fullness. A place where your growth process is supported.

That is the intention behind the work of equity at Kripalu

Kripalu is committed to supporting people interested in enhancing their lives and realizing their full potential. Scholarships and free programs are all made possible by the generous support of Kripalu’s patrons and donors.

Free Programming
Community discussion of people


Monthly online meetings for Grief, Global Majority/BIPOC, Queer LGBTQIA+, Kripalu Schools Alumni communities. Learn more.

Painted rocks


Monthly online practice in a community of care with Kripalu CEO, Robert Mulhall. Select Mondays from 5:00–5:30 pm. Learn more.

CEO Robert Mulhall


Monthly online conversations to ignite collective change with Robert Mulhall, Kripalu Visionaries, and guests. Learn more.


Kripalu aspires to center the lived experiences of diverse, historically marginalized and appropriated communities who haven’t been adequately supported in our field.  Join us for the next installment of our annual Amplify series, The Roots of Yoga in April. Learn more.

How to Apply for a Scholarship
  1. Find out if you are eligible by checking our scholarship criteria here.
  2.  If you find a program that interests you, fill out the scholarship form listed on the program page.
  3. Please read the instructions listed on the application form.
  4. Once you have filled out the form, follow the steps listed on your application.

Note: there is a two-step process for on campus programs: submission of application and registration for your selected program.
Emails may go to spam. Please check there if you have not received a confirmation.

On Campus Scholarships


The Kripalu R&R experience—our signature retreat—allows you the freedom to choose what you need while you’re here. R&R Overnight covers up to two nights-Sunday-Tuesday or Tuesday-Thursday an R&R stay, including housing, meals, and R&R programming.  To apply, please click here.


Experience the ability to choose what you need for a day at Kripalu, whether that is taking a yoga class, exploring our grounds, or enjoying a delicious meal.  No yoga experience is required.  To apply, please click here


We have full and partial scholarship opportunities to participate in select on campus programming. Those who qualify should complete our On Campus Scholarship Application. The criteria are listed on the application. Once submitted, it will direct you to a list of programs currently offering scholarships, where you can select and register for the program you wish to attend. If we are currently offering scholarship for RISE (an evidence-based resilience building program), it will be listed here. Scholarships are limited to one on campus and one online per person annually.


Join Kripalu CEO Robert Mulhall, Director of Creative Strategy and Programming Eset Rose, and Lead Kripalu Faculty Edi Pasalis, for a five-day, on campus program open to leaders of nonprofit organizations. This program offers the space, activities, and materials to explore your own leadership, as well as your whole being and potential. For more information and to apply, click here



Select Kripalu Schools training programs are eligible for scholarships. Please note that scholarships are limited and those that apply early are given the best chance of securing any available financial support. For more information and a list of eligible programs, click here.

Online Scholarships


We have full scholarship opportunities to participate in select online programming. Those who qualify should complete our Online Scholarship Application. Once submitted, it will direct you to a list of programs currently offering scholarships, where you can select and register for the program you wish to attend.


Our online subscription offers more than 20 live classes a week with beloved Kripalu Faculty available wherever you are. Practice live or on-demand with a variety of classes ranging from yoga to self-discovery to mediation and more. A full scholarship is available for a month's pass. Learn more and apply for a scholarship here.



As part of our commitment to support the journey of personal and collective liberation, Kripalu invites select Activists and Artists for sponsored residencies on our campus for a mid-week stay to rest and restore. Activists may include frontline workers, nonprofit founders, and practitioners. Artists may include visual artists, writers, musicians, dancers, poets, filmmakers, actors, storytellers, designers, directors, producers, and creators who are leaders in whole-being, liberation work, or are agents of institutional and systemic change who take wise action in an effort to create peace and sustainability in the world. The mid-week stay is an opportunity to rest and restore by enjoying our Retreat & Renewal classes each day, nourishing food, and sacred lands.

Travel is not included. For more information regarding the AIR program, please email or submit your application here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The scholarship criteria provide scholarships for individuals facing financial barriers OR from communities which have been historically marginalized and/or appropriated in the wellness space. If you are eligible for a scholarship but not experiencing financial need, we kindly ask that you consider paying for your experience as our aim is to expand access to yoga and its tools to the greatest number of people. This is made possible through the generosity of our donors and guests like you.

Scholarships are limited to one per person annually.




Working alongside our peers, Kripalu endeavors to take on the shared responsibility of healing and regeneration in the field of health and wellness. We are listening and learning as we increase access to yoga for all, supporting those who serve our society and centering those historically marginalized or appropriated. At Kripalu, access means expanding our reach by reducing financial and geographic barriers to participation. What began as tiered pricing has led to a robust slate of scholarships and free programming in addition to regenerative community outreach. In 2023, Kripalu offered over 5,000 scholarships for 80 different on campus and online programs.  Our online opportunities serve people in all 50 states and more than 50 countries around the world.

Pay it Forward

Your support makes this work possible. Donate today to provide a full or partial scholarship for one of our programs.