CEO Video: The Power of Connection

Kripalu CEO Robert Mulhall shares his perspective on the power of connection and his vision for how Kripalu can be a sanctuary of unity in our polarizing times.

Robert offers personal anecdotes of navigating through the challenges of reopening after the COVID pandemic, recounting a heartwarming tale of an Irish shop owner who fostered dialogue and connection amidst division, and reflecting on a poignant journey to American Civil Rights landmarks.

These experiences offer a glimpse into Kripalu's core values and overarching vision of being a welcoming “middle space” where individuals can come together in community, embracing a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences as they learn from one another through compassionate dialogue.

Listen as Robert goes on to discuss Kripalu's commitment to sparking societal transformation by offering community-focused programs and increasing accessibility through scholarships in order to cultivate an inclusive environment where all members of our community feel respected and valued.