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September 12–14, 2014 Friday–Sunday 2 nights
Continuing Education Credits

Wired for Healing: Discover Your Innate Ability to Self-Heal Through Harnessing Transformance

Diana Fosha
Diana Fosha

Diana Fosha, PhD, is the developer of Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), an innovative approach to treating attachment trauma that is receiving increasing recognition. She is the author of The Transforming Power of Affect, and…
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For everyone.

We’re wired to heal. “Transformance” is what Diana Fosha calls the inner drive that’s always pressing us toward healing, self-righting, and repair. Transformance is neuroplasticity in action. When we feel safe, it can come to the fore and help us not only survive, but also heal and flourish.

In this workshop, you learn

  • What transformance is, how to recognize it in yourself and others, and how to entrain it
  • How to create safety so that transformance can be released
  • To make the most of the healing and transformational potential of transformance.

Diana weaves in the latest findings from neuroscience and attachment theory. Through demonstrations and exercises, you learn how to tap into your innate ability to self-heal and activate connection, joy, and well-being.

Note Clinicians are welcome to take this workshop, but it is aimed at the nonclinical public and has a personal rather than a technical or clinical focus.

CE Credits
This program is eligible for
  • 9 credits for Psychologists (PSY), $30 additional charge
  • 9.5 credits for Social Workers (SW), $30 additional charge