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November 17–21, 2014 Monday–Friday 4 nights
Continuing Education Credits

The Wisdom Body: A Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Lama Willa Miller
Lama Willa Miller

Lama Willa Miller, PhD, is a teacher in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and the founder and spiritual director of Natural Dharma Fellowship in Boston and its retreat center, Wonderwell Mountain Refuge in Springfield, New Hampshire.…
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Program Details

For everyone with some experience of yoga, tai chi, meditation, or other body-mind discipline.

Great wisdom lives in the body.—The Hevajra Tantra

Take your yoga practice to the next level. Drawing on the tantric wisdom tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, this retreat offers practices that help you recognize the wisdom that resides naturally in the human body. By alternating stillness and movement, you learn to relate to the subtle energies of the body and mind. These practices assist in healing emotional wounds and have the potential to uncover your inborn capacity for love.

You learn

  • To sense the “subtle body” underlying your physical form
  • The relationship between emotion and the body’s subtle energies
  • The view of Dzogchen (the “great perfection”)
  • Basic postures and movements that complement meditation.

Discover how meditating with the body, in conjunction with movement, can open the door to nondual awareness and help you find the innate joy (sukha) of the subtle body.

CE Credits
This program is eligible for
  • 18 credits for Athletic Trainers (BOC), $30 additional charge
  • 18 credits for Yoga Alliance (YA), $30 additional charge