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The Unafraid Storyteller


We exist in a world where our photos are expected to be perfectly edited and our social media posts have to be carefully crafted to prevent us from accidentally showing the “real” person inside. However, life is meant to be messy, adventurous, and a bit chaotic. This is exactly what makes being alive the best game in the universe. 

Join poet, writer, and comedian John Roedel for a high-energy program that guides you to tell the authentic story of your life. With his trademark comedy, emotive style, and obsession with keeping his presentations interactive, John shares his own journey while offering his wisdom on how you can share yours as well. Through journaling, group interaction, creative exercises, physical movement and hands-on activities, you will

  • Let people see past your Instagram filter and straight into your often untidy heart.
  • Learn to give people a chance to witness the wildness of your existence.
  • Appreciate the own miracle of your uneven adventure.
  • Gain tools to tell your own story without fear of what the world will think of you. 

As storytellers, it’s not our job to impress people with the story of our lives—it’s about giving the reader the opportunity to embrace the highs and lows of their own journey. 

Note This program is suitable for all writers, storytellers, or humans who want to live and share their stories with more authenticity.

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Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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John is a comic turned best-selling author. His four books include Hey God. Hey John.; Any Given Someday; Remedy; and Upon Departure.

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