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Reiki I, II, and Earth Revolution Reiki


Join founder of MINKA brooklyn, Aki Hirata Baker, and Reiki Master teacher, Manu Del Prete, for a brand new online offering at Kripalu. Known as the Reiki Godmothers, Aki and Manu's offerings stand out for their culturally relevant historical analysis, investigation of the spiritual tradition of Japan to understand Usui Reiki, emphasis on decolonizing energy and energy healing, and focus on the need for practitioner development as well as attunement. Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.   

This online Reiki offering includes Levels 1, 2 and 3. Participants may book the bundle or choose from one of the following three training options:

  • February 7–9: Reiki 1: Reiki for Self and Family Care
  • April 24–27: Reiki II: Reiki Professional Certification
  • May 15–17: Earth Evolution Reiki

Finish the program with a new way to see reality from a more expanded space—using the mythological, western, and Indigenous scientific languages—instead of the binary model we have been taught for so many years.

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Reiki 1: Reiki for Self and Family Care

Learn the history and basic principles of Reiki, as well as basic energy channel systems in our bodies. This class also includes Reiki attunement which turns on your ability to use Reiki. You will have time to practice hand positions to be used for others and there will be plenty of time to ask questions and learn from the experiences of two Master teachers. There is no prerequisite for this class except for the desire to heal yourself and others around you.  

Reiki II: Reiki Professional Certification 

Deepen your connection to your Reiki energy, receive a second Reiki attunement, and learn the three Usui Reiki symbols as well as how to use them and send distant Reiki. There will be a short discussion on the relationship between time, space, and energy to understand why distant Reiki works. Certification is given after the completion of the class, hands-on practice session, and submission of two case studies—one for in-person session and one for a distance session. Prerequisite Reiki 1 certification

Earth Evolution Reiki 

Learn the origin of how the three new symbols (Dairoku, Jigen, and Kokoro) came to the Reiki Godmothers and how these symbols have changed the way we integrate intense energetic shifts. Aki and Manu will explain how the five energetic centers work with the existing seven chakras to complete the new 12 chakra system that humanity will start activating and utilize in the new era. Prerequisite Reiki I and II certification

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Aki Hirata Baker, an initiated medicine woman and moondancer, is the founder of of MINKA brooklyn.

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Manu River Del Prete is an energy healing facilitator and teacher, channeler, psychic ability coach, Galactic Akashic reader, past life regression therapist, and Feng Shui and space clearing practitioner.

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