Richard P. Brown


Richard P. Brown, MD, associate professor of psychiatry at Columbia University and graduate of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, gives more than 100 lectures and courses every year. Coauthor of more than 100 scientific articles, books, and chapters, he is a certified teacher of aikido (4th Dan), qigong, yoga, and meditation. Richard’s neurophysiological theory explains the benefits of yogic breathing for health and stress resilience. He developed Breath-Body-Mind workshops for peak performance, healthcare professionals, military, disaster survivors, refugees, the 9/11 community, and the general public.

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  • The 'Five Breaths Per Minute' Practice

    Richard P. Brown, MD, guides two versions of a "five breaths per minute" practice, paired with gentle, conscious movement and visualization.

  • The Benefits of Conscious Breathing for Body and Mind

    Breathing practices can potentially counteract the detrimental effects of stress and trauma on emotion regulation, physical health, and the ability to experience love and compassion, according to Kripalu presenters Richard P. Brown and Patricia L. Gerbarg.

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