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The Grief Compass Navigating Through Life's Most Disorienting Experience


Are you feeling lost and unsure how to navigate your way through the profound experience of grief and loss?

Join grief coach AmarAtma for a four-week online program that takes you on a transformative journey of emotional buoyancy, flow, and safety. Inspired by the wisdom of whales, AmarAtma will guide you to embrace the healing power of the water element so you can allow it to cleanse, soothe, and ultimately lead you toward a place of renewal and wholeness.

Through discussion, somatic movement, breathwork, guided meditation, and more, you will learn to chart a course through the deep waters of grief and discover the transformative potential beneath the surface. 

NOTE You will have access to the video recording(s) for 30 days after the program ends. All recordings will be available within 72 hours of the end of each session. 

Preview the Sessions

Session One I Lost at Sea: Understanding the Waves of Grief
Delve deep into the unpredictable nature of grief's waves, creating compassion and understanding as you receive insights and new ways to think about grief. Practice grounding exercises that provide a sense of stability and direction to anchor amidst the storm of emotions.

Session Two Charting the Course: Mapping Your Grief Journey
Empower yourself to find clarity, purpose, and direction amid uncertainty among the twists and turns of the grief journey. Develop a relationship with your inner compass, reclaim the power of your heart, and learn the common obstacles, myths, and challenges that make us drown in our grief journey. 

Session Three Navigating with Courage: Finding Stability Amidst Turbulence
Dive into the ocean's depths and resurface with renewed vitality. Learn to find safety and comfort in the depths of uncertainty as we seek to heal old wounds, shift outdated emotional coping narratives, and heal deeply. Emerge with a renewed sense of personal power and confidence.

Session Four Sailing Forward: Embracing the Journey of Healing
Celebrate the progress made on the grief journey and explore pathways for moving forward with emotional buoyancy, flow, and safety. Participate in a creative art project to envision our lives as we sail forward with a renewed sense of purpose and possibility for the future. 

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AmarAtma is a grief coach and board-certified chaplain. He holds a master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine and uses a mind-body-spirit approach to teaching how to grieve and let go. 

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DATE: June 6–27, 2024

TIME: Thursdays, 6:00–8:00 pm EST

LENGTH: 8 hours total

SLIDING SCALE TUITION: To encourage justice and equity around our offerings, we are now offering Sliding Scale Tuition on select programs. Community Supported pricing is for those facing financial or other hardships, Standard pricing is the set cost, and Pay It Forward helps cover others in your program. There is no application for the different amounts—simply pay what works for you.

Community Supported | $99.00

Standard | $149.00

Pay It Forward | $199.00

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