On Campus Program

Embodiment of the Star Within A Ceremonial Retreat


Come and join the three Japanese Witches of MINKA—Aki Hirata Baker, Nami Soga, and Fumiha Tanaka—and prepare your body, mind, heart, and spirit for 2024.

So many of us have experienced major shifts, lessons, and growth over the past year. Let us count our blessings and celebrate our accomplishments while creating a space to heal the wounds and grief from experiencing big changes, both internal and external.

MINKA founder Aki, and MINKA teachers Nami and Fumiha, will guide you to:

  • Heal in community and in nature.
  • Cocreate a sacred container for a deeply nourishing experience.
  • Celebrate your present self, seeing everything as a meaningful part of your growth plan.
  • Fully embody our experiences being supported by all the elements seen and unseen. 

Come nuture your nervous system and prepare to align yourself with your true strength and the bright shining star within. 

NOTE Please bring a notebook/journal with writing utensils, an eye mask, items to add to the collective altar (you will take these items back with you), a small vial of water from where you live, warm clothing and layers suitable for being outdoors in the winter, and anything that you need to feel comfortable and safe in a new environment for healing. 

Included in Your Stay


Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

Program at a Glance

Yoga Experience
All levels
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All Yoga


Aki Hirata Baker, an initiated medicine woman and moondancer, is the founder of of MINKA brooklyn.

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Nami Soga is a healing practitioner based in Brooklyn, New York, who offers acupuncture, bodywork, Reiki energy healing, yoga, astrology, and tarot sessions.

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Fumiha Tanaka is a clinical herbalist, and flower essence, breathwork, and Reiki practitioner who offers one-on-one sessions and group workshops through MINKA.

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