Regenerative Creativity

A Year-Long Sacred Artist Residency at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Calling artists of all stripes whose work is meant to be an offering to something much larger than us: visual artists, writers, musicians, dancers, poets, filmmakers, actors, storytellers, designers, directors, producers, and creators whose gifts don't fit into categories.

We have such tremendous power to uplift humanity. To shape and shift a culture of joy, beauty, and freedom. To make the invisible visible.

And in this moment in the evolution of humanity, as exhibited in previous times, crossroads, and transitions, we artists are here to play an incredibly pivotal role.

There is a calling that we can all feel, that we can all hear, to step more fully into our authentic, unapologetic brilliance and creative self-expression in a way that is not only deeply nourishing for us but also deeply transformative for culture and consciousness.

This is your invitation to join a cohort of conscious creators and spiritual artists for a year-long Regenerative Creativity Artist Residency at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. The cohort will meet around the pivotal turns of each season:

Fall: September 22–27, 2024

Winter: December 8–13, 2024

Spring: March 23–28, 2025

Summer: June 15–22, 2025

The mission of this residency is simple yet stunning: Making Sacred Art to Heal to Transform the World. This process provides artists an opportunity to:

  • Unplug, disconnect, and decompress from the busy-ness and noise of the world
  • Reconnect with what matters most: your relationship with your creative vessel, with nature, and with other artists in common unity
  • Reset and restore your creative reserves and vital life force energy
  • Reclaim your sovereignty and sacred power as you embark on a journey of self-discovery, creative empowerment, and radical vulnerability
  • Re-member the power of your gifts and understand how to harness them to heal yourself and the world
  • Make sacred art from fullness instead of depletion
  • Cultivate regenerative connection with the inner genius and inner muse of your creativity
  • Emerge from any shadows of insecurity to shine and create from a place of embodied intuitive wisdom
  • Create from a place of abundance, overflow and resource, and architect livelihood from your craft without being commodified
  • Be in dialogue with other creators as you navigate the tensions and queries that arise from being pioneering artists who are conscious, spiritual, and here to change the game and create a new future through art
  • Build an ongoing relationship with our regenerative community of luminaries, teachers, leaders, community organizers, and elders
  • Uncover your latent power that was hiding in plain sight



If you’re interested in the transformative path of the Sacred Artists, please fill out this application by July 18. There are only 13 spots available per cohort. Once applications close, our committee will begin our review process. Selected applicants will be notified by July 25th. Applicants who are not offered an interview will be notified and encouraged to apply to one of the Open Sessions in February or July.

If you aren’t able to commit to the year-long residency but are interested in becoming part of our larger Regenerative Creativity community, you can apply to one of the Open Sessions that occur each February and July.

“Being invited to share space in the Kripalu community has inspired musical collaborations, enriched my songwriting skills, and opened new opportunities for integrating my creativity with spirituality through nature.”

– Valerie June, Singer-Songwriter

“I am walking proof of the alchemy that happens when creatives gather to rest, to put down labels, to laugh, to create, to go deep. This experience has changed me on a cellular level. I am walking away with friends for life, a renewed sense of what I came here to do, and more avenues and pathways to make that happen. Thank you!”

- Ayesha Ophelia, Creator and Writer

“This retreat unlocked every remaining hurdle I had in front of my creative path barring me from entering a phase of only realizing potential. Being around a like-minded group who shared the same values, as well as being led by someone so incredibly singular in Eset Rose, was a complete fantasy come to life. Not the least of which was communing with so many black and brown artists in a space where typically we have just a monolith. The energy I carry into a room is completely emboldened by the experience I had with Sacred Artists.”

– Johnathan Fernandez, Actor and Filmmaker

My experience with the Sacred Artists spawned a pure metamorphosis. Every fiber of my being has transformed—I entered this space wrestling with creative blocks, isolation, and doubt. I’ve emerged empowered as a wellspring of creative energy with deep spiritual purpose and joyous community. Bathed in our shimmering magic and buoyed by our radiant laughter, the Sacred Artists are a balm of cosmic love. 

- Nico Gargiulo, Artist and Poet


Eset is a multidimensional artist, intuitive strategist, executive leader, and transformative healer. She advises the top talent of our time and is catalyzing future-forward conversations around REGENERATIVE CREATIVITY AND ARTISTIC SOVEREIGNTY

For 20 years, Eset operated as a creative business partner and trusted advisor to Grammy-winning recording artist Alicia Keys. Eset’s renegade creative support spanned every facet of Keys' career— from business development to creative concepts for albums, tours, film, and stage. In addition, Erika co-founded philanthropic endeavors: Keep A Child Alive and the We Are Here Movement.

Serving as the Director of Creative Strategy and Programming for Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Eset is known for helping clients—artists, creatives, and big-vision organizations paradigm shift into the truest call of the soul.  Her prayer is for each one to stand full in their heart-centered creative power, command their genius, and prosper in peace, joy, pleasure and liberation as they live their legacy, now. 





David Sauvage is a performance artist, writer, teacher, and shaman. He is best known for his show "Empath," where he does intuitive readings live in front of audiences. David is the author of Healing Heals the Healer Too and The Simplest Meditation in the World. He regularly teaches empathy, emotional intelligence, and the psychology of healing to students online. David creates and holds sacred space for emergence, healing, and transformation. Before going on his healing journey, David wrote, directed, and/or produced documentary films, plays, and commercials, including for major brands like Sprint and BMW. His greatest desire is to spread healing and transformation on a large scale through media.  

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m accepted, am I required to come to all four sessions?
To honor the integrity of the process and the container of your cohort, we do expect that each Sacred Artist attends all four sessions. By applying to the program, you acknowledge the time and energetic commitments outlined above. If you’re unsure about your ability to commit to all four sessions, please consider waiting to apply until the next year so that space is available for those ready to embark on the full journey.

What if an emergency or unforeseen circumstance arises that prevents me from attending a session?
We understand that life happens and unexpected circumstances can emerge. If something comes up that prevents you from attending a session, one of the facilitators will work with you to discuss options.

What costs are included in the residency?
All meals, lodging accommodations, and daily R&R programming (yoga, workshops, and outdoor recreation) are covered. You just need to get yourself here! We do not cover or reimburse travel and transportation costs.

What are the room and board accommodations?
The standard room included in your residency has two twin beds, sink, window, dresser, and safe. There are communal dormitory-style bathrooms (with showers and toilets) stationed in each hallway. If you would like a private bathroom, room upgrades are available at an additional cost.

What activities and time commitments are expected of the artists?
Each week will be split between time in session with your cohort and spaciousness to rest, create, be with the land, and connect with the Kripalu community.

What happens once I submit my application?
Once applications close, our committee will begin our review process. Selected applicants will be offered an interview. Applicants who are not offered an interview will be notified and encouraged to apply to one of our Open Sessions in February or July.

What is Kripalu?
Discover more about the mission, values, and programming at Kripalu here. Artists accepted into the program will be sharing our campus with a fluctuating group of paying guests who rotate out weekly, so you will experience first-hand all that Kripalu has to offer.