Brian H.

There are literally hundreds of yoga teacher trainings, but I knew exactly what I wanted.

Like a lot of people, I had a kind of epiphany the first time I practiced yoga. A friend who teaches invited me to attend one of her classes, and within the first few minutes I knew something meaningful was happening to me—physically and spiritually. I wanted to learn and experience more, and began practicing avidly. I found incredible focus and strength and also incredible calm when I practiced, so I went to as many different studios as I could to learn from as many instructors as possible. And the more I practiced with teachers who inspired me, including a Kripalu Yoga teacher, the more I experienced the effects of practice and the more I wanted to understand yoga. I also became an advocate for yoga, sharing my enthusiasm with friends and family. I truly fell in love with yoga.

Looking to deepen my practice and share my love of yoga with others, I began to research yoga teacher trainings, and found that there are literally hundreds of them. But I was looking for a widely recognized school with a reputation for excellence, as opposed to a studio that also offers teacher training, and I wanted the school to have a long and successful history of teacher training. I wanted training that didn’t just focus on asana but had a holistic approach rooted in a strong lineage and tradition. I wanted to be in an immersive environment, where my focus and attention could be devoted to learning. And I wanted to teach a lineage of yoga that welcomes all practitioners and focuses on self-awareness and self-acceptance. So Kripalu quickly came to the top of the list.

The training gave me everything I was looking for, and more. I had premier, enthusiastic teachers, supported by an institution that has trained yoga teachers for over 40 years. Kripalu’s history informs its excellent program of theoretical and practical lessons, and that gave me a wonderful foundation from which to teach. Plus, the immersive environment allowed me to deeply focus on the training without distractions. And the school attracts like-minded students, so the sense of community and caring with my fellow students was profound. I made what I sincerely know will be lifelong friendships. Best of all, I came out of the program knowing that I can confidently and responsibly share my love of yoga. I already want to learn more, so I’ll continue my education with Kripalu’s 300-hour modules.

Becoming a Kripalu Yoga teacher has deepened my practice profoundly. As a result of my training, I love yoga even more, and I have the tools to share that love.   

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