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September 26–28, 2014 Friday–Sunday 2 nights

Yoga For Your Spiritual Muscles

Rachel Schaeffer
Rachel Schaeffer

Rachel Schaeffer is the author of Yoga for Your Spiritual Muscles, awarded the Benjamin Franklin Gold Seal for Excellence in Psychology. She has taught in universities, hospitals, women’s centers, and yoga teachers conferences. A former…
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For all levels.

Just like physical muscles, your spiritual muscles need to be strengthened and toned. Each time you practice yoga, you create a new opportunity to be infused with spirit and develop the intangible qualities that create a meaningful life. This retreat offers a safe environment in which you can learn

  • Yoga postures that develop compassion, acceptance, energy, focus, and playfulness
  • Breathing techniques to open the passage through which spirit flows
  • How to create your own postures
  • Relaxations, visualizations, and meditations to redesign your mental landscape toward your highest potential
  • The power of inquiry to focus you on building the qualities that make your life meaningful
  • Simple routines to maintain your practice.

Rachel Schaeffer invites you to strengthen your spiritual muscles and take home new ways to practice yoga and connect to the most essential part of who you are.

Recommended reading Rachel Schaeffer, Yoga for Your Spiritual Muscles (Quest Books).