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June 6–8, 2014 Friday–Sunday 2 nights

Writing Through the Chakras

Dani Shapiro and Stephen Cope
Dani Shapiro

Dani Shapiro is the best-selling author of the memoirs Devotion and Slow Motion, and five novels, including Black & White and Family History. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, Granta, Elle, Vogue, The…
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Stephen Cope

Stephen Cope, MSW, Scholar-in-Residence and Kripalu Ambassador, is the founder and former Director of the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living, the largest yoga research institute in the West. He is author of several best-selling books,…
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For everyone.

In the first offering of this groundbreaking workshop, yoga and writing are seamlessly woven together by two masters of their craft. If our stories are housed within our bodies, then the seven chakras are unique gateways to the tales that live within us. Through the spiral of energy that moves from the soles of our feet to the crown of our heads and beyond, the practice of asana makes room for immersive, rich, searching, hands-on writing exercises designed to explore memory, and the buried stories and images that float beneath the surface, just out of our everyday grasp.

This workshop is open to beginners and to seasoned practitioners of both yoga and creative writing.

Note Wear loose, comfortable clothes and bring a notebook dedicated to this weekend.