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December 12–14, 2014 Friday–Sunday 2 nights

Vibrant Visionary Collage: Mandala Meets Metta Meditation

Karen Arp-Sandel
Karen Arp-Sandel

Karen Arp-Sandel, BA, KYT, artist, educator, and spiritual activist, is the founder of the international Vibrant Visionary Collage Community. Karen awakens the transformational power of art by teaching how to see with artist eyes. Sparked…
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For all levels.

Enter the Vibrant Visionary Collage circle with artist and spiritual activist Karen Arp-Sandel. The mandala, Sanskrit for circle, is a symbol of wholeness and absorption into a sacred center. By merging mandala art with metta meditation (the Buddhist practice of loving-kindness), you facilitate healing the fragmented self, coming back to the balance and wholeness of your compassionate heart.

Experience yoga on and off the mat as you

  • Honor the sacred in your life
  • Connect and create in a supportive community
  • Discover the power of the mandala as a healing symbol.

In this workshop, we’re all beginners as we dive into the creative process and learn to weave yoga and art into daily life.

Note Tuition includes collage and mixed-media project materials and Collage-A-Day journals.