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January 25–30, 2015 Sunday–Friday 5 nights

Awaken Your Heart's Desire in the New Year

Caverly Morgan and Karen Arp-Sandel
Caverly Morgan

Caverly Morgan is a meditation teacher and founding director of One House of Peace, a nonprofit bringing mindfulness to schools, shelters, and the community in Portland, Oregon. She has been devoted to Zen awareness practice…
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Karen Arp-Sandel

Karen Arp-Sandel, inspirational artist, educator, Kripalu Yoga teacher, spiritual activist, and founder of the international Vibrant Visionary Collage Community, awakens the transformational experience of mindful creativity. She is a Yoga Ed. and Kripalu Yoga in…
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For everyone.

Embark on an inspiring and empowering journey of self-discovery. Learn to disengage from your inner critic—the slave driver of your New Year’s resolutions. Explore how your intentions can be realized through compassion and acceptance, the true path of least resistance.

Zen teacher and former monk Caverly Morgan is known for her insight, humor, and real-world perspective. She challenges you to disarm self-limiting beliefs and live from your deepest heart’s desire. Karen Arp-Sandel, visual artist and Kripalu Yoga teacher, invites you into mindful movement during the retreat.

Activities include group discussion, guided exercises, journaling, visualization, and meditation. Step into the life you truly desire in 2015!