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January 23–25, 2015 Friday–Sunday 2 nights

The Yoga of Sleep Retreat

Rubin Naiman
Rubin Naiman

Rubin Naiman, PhD, is a leader in the development of integrative approaches to sleep and dreams, clinical assistant professor at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, and director of Circadian Health Associates. He…
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For everyone; no yoga experience required.

Better nights make for much better days because healthy sleep and dreams support positive mood, creativity, stamina, memory, healthy weight, heart health, and spiritual practice. Sleep expert Rubin Naiman offers an effective program that addresses insomnia, as well as snoring and apnea, from an integrative perspective. Through engaging discussion and exercises, he blends the best of conventional sleep science with a holistic approach.

Rubin’s “yoga of sleep” is based on a new understanding of human consciousness that weaves sleeping, dreaming, and waking into an integrated whole. It offers a breakthrough model for understanding and healing sleep problems through a comfortable approach that soothes the spirit. Gain a deeper understanding of night consciousness and leave with a practical and personal sleep program based on a comprehensive sleep evaluation.

Recommended reading and listening Rubin R. Naiman, Healing Night (Syren Book Company), Hush (NewMoon Media), and The Yoga of Sleep CD (Sounds True).

Note Bring a dream journal and dusk glasses (can be purchased at or the Kripalu Shop).