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November 30–December 2, 2014 Sunday–Tuesday 2 nights

Healing Through Medicine Buddha

Lama Migmar Tseten
Lama Migmar Tseten

Lama Migmar Tseten was born in Tibet in 1956. In 1980, he received the Acharya degree from the Tibetan Institute at Varanasi, where he was recognized for academic achievement by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.…
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For everyone; especially those in the healing arts.

Medicine Buddha, the guru of physicians, was first introduced to Tibet by the Indian Nalanda master Shantarakshita in the eighth century. Since then, Medicine Buddha has become a powerful spiritual healing practice in Tibetan Buddhism.

This special program begins with a teaching and transmission by Lama Migmar on the Medicine Buddha Sutra, emphasizing the healing of sentient beings. During the workshop, Lama Migmar bestows the Medicine Buddha Empowerment to connect with Medicine Buddha and receive the blessings and healing energies of his enlightened light body, mantra, and wisdom. You receive instruction on the meditation practice of Medicine Buddha.

Lama Migmar teaches how to combine the sadhana (spiritual practice) of Medicine Buddha with the technique of blessing medicinal substances to enhance their healing function. The workshop concludes with the practice of Medicine Buddha sadhana and a medicine-blessing ceremony. Please bring any fresh, unopened medicines you may have for this ceremony.