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Maria Sirois

Maria Sirois

Maria Sirois, PsyD, is an inspirational speaker and clinical psychologist who lectures internationally on the study and application of Positive Psychology, mind-body medicine, and resilience. She weaves together inspiring stories and poetry with data and research to enable people to move forward toward the life they most want—one filled with vitality, health, and meaning. Maria teaches frequently with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, leading expert in the field of happiness. She is the author of Every Day Counts: Lessons in Love, Faith and Resilience, used as a teaching tool in wellness centers, hospices, and hospitals around the country.

Upcoming Programs

February 1–6, 2015Clearing the Clutter: Making Space for Positive Change
February 9, 2015–January 15, 2016Certificate in Positive Psychology
February 23–June 3, 2015Crafting the Resilient Life
July 20–November 4, 2015Crafting the Resilient Life

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