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Heard at KYTA Conference 2006

Winter 2006

by our teachers

We are entering together the kind of time in which our deepest intentions live, entering the place in our being where we have permission to be at home, at home in the center of our whole being. Very few people on the planet have the opportunity to experience such an energetic gathering as this.
—Brahmanand Don Stapleton, Thursday evening opening session

The deeper we go into the experience of our dharma, our calling, the more doubt we encounter and the more faith we have to develop. The Tibetans say that behind all doubt is what they call the Great Doubt, the great existential doubt, and the pain of facing this is what calls forth a new faith, what they call the Courage to Be.
—Stephen Cope, Friday evening keynote

So often in so many yoga traditions, it's about the right way to do Triangle, or the right way to look in Warrior, or the right way to have your heel up or your heel down. Kripalu Yoga is about coming into the place where the yoga moves through you, and you're playing new songs that have never been played on the planet before. You look to the ancient past for the scales, but when they start landing, you hear your own music.
—Devarshi Steven Hartman, Saturday morning community session

The education and curriculum that has been developed over the years, that has enabled us to follow our hearts and become yoga teachers, would not be possible without all of the directors of teacher training who have gone before us and those who are with us now. I have a deep gratitude for a curriculum infused with life, vitality, and a remembrance of the core, the core of our being, the source within. Regardless of when you took your training or what you think you can or cannot do, nothing is impossible.
—Vandita, presenting 500-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training certificates to graduates Jumanna Stark, Marcia Tumpowsky, and Jane Welch on Sunday morning

Know that you are part of an endless tree with endless limbs, with endless branches, reaching out across the planet, and at the root, the taproot, is one yogi's quest to know God. The grace and the power, the shakti of [Swami Kripalu's] sadhana, the ecstasy of his love—we walk into as we walk into the doors of Kripalu, and that has never changed.
—Vidya Carolyn Dell'uomo, Sunday morning keynote

In the beginning, we have to lay the foundation. Our future work will be successful according to how patiently and skillfully we lay the foundation. The foundation is: love each other. Love is the first lesson. If that flame of love is constantly burning in the heart, then the progress will be natural.
—Swami Kripalu, in a 1977 recording played during Vidya's Sunday morning keynote

Living just to serve is not enough. The power of our presence in the yoga room is dependent on how much we love and care for ourselves before we come into that room.
—Vidya Carolyn Dell'uomo, Sunday morning keynote

I'm truly blessed to look out into the sea of beautiful shining eyes, to feel your love and support and, as we close our eyes together one more time, to remember how important you are—ambassadors of light, vehicles for love.
—Vandita, introducing a closing meditation Sunday morning

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Heard at KYTA Conference 2006

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