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Come to Kripalu for Less: Group Discount

Group Discount Program: Bringing a Group to Kripalu

They all became more dedicated to their yoga practice.

—KYTA Group Leader

There’s always more to teach your students about yoga than can possibly fit into a 60 or 90-minute class. Immersing your students in the depth and breadth of yoga is a gift most of us would like to give. Designing, marketing, and running a longer program with an already tight schedule, though, is a big challenge.

KYTA makes it simple to bring your students to Kripalu. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions and all the marketing material, including templates for a

  • Poster
  • Press release
  • Postcard
  • Letter to your students.

Just customize the marketing materials with your information and distribute it to your students.

Benefits of a Group Trip

A group retreat will

  • Provide an opportunity for your students to deepen their experience of yoga. A typical yoga class doesn’t allow a lot of space for a back and forth dialogue. At a Kripalu retreat, your students will be able to experience the rich tradition that powers your teaching
  • Everyone truly loved the Kripalu experience and we can’t wait to bring another group out next spring!

    —KYTA Group Leader

  • Differentiate yourself as a yoga teacher with a unique KYTA offering. Offering a yoga retreat adds to your professional credibility and provides a broader range of services for your students or perspective students to choose from. We all know that everyone learns in unique ways. A retreat gives you a chance to differentiate your yoga classes from others in a positive way and gives your students yet another avenue for experiencing yoga.
  • Receive group pricing to lower your costs and the costs of your students to come to Kripalu.

Survey of 30 Group Leaders Who Brought Groups to Kripalu

Here’s what they said about how the trip affected the student/teacher relationship:

The group retreat strengthened the student/teacher bond.

My students received a deeper appreciation of my Kripalu tradition by attending as a group.

The students would like to return to Kripalu as a group, making it a yearly tradition.

—KYTA Group Leader

Upon returning, my students have requested that I coordinate another group trip to Kripalu.

Over 94% said they would bring a group to Kripalu again.

And if you’re wondering about the value of bringing a group to Kripalu, almost 70% of the survey respondents (your peers) reported that the value of bringing a group to Kripalu is greater than staying at home teaching!

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