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KYTA Conference

An annual conference that brings together yoga teachers from Kripalu and other traditions for inspiration, training, and community.

This year, the conference will be held Tuesday, October 14–Friday, October 17, 2014.

KYTA Corner: Discounts and Recommended Resources

As a KYTA member, take advantage of discounts on selected items including books and CDs along with a list of suggested products to support you as a yoga teacher and practitioner. Visit the KYTA Corner in the Kripalu Shop.

Mindful Marketing

A yoga business development resource offering helpful tips, examples and articles to build your practice while maintaining yogic awareness and values.

Swami Kripalu Quotes

The cornerstone of Kripalu Yoga, Swami Kripalu’s view on life and yoga continues to touch hearts. View this article titled Swami Kripalu’s Inspiration for Yoga Teachers.

Other Inspirational Articles

Primer for Yoga Teachers (PDF) helps you facilitate groups, unveiling the power behind dyads and group sharing.