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KYTA Trifold Brochure

Side One
KYTA Trifold Brochure Side One

Side Two
KYTA Trifold Brochure Side Two

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These trifold brochures are free—you may customize them with one of the following methods:

  1. Print out the brochure, making sure your printer is set to print at its highest quality. Then use this template to add your own content or photos in the available boxes. Load the brochure you just printed out into the paper tray. Be sure to place it the correct way so that the text and images are where you want them, and then print. You may wish to bring this print out to a local print shop to print up large quantities.
  2. Open this customizable PDF version, and enter your information in the available boxes. Print out one master file and bring it to a local print shop or print out as many as you’d like on your home printer. Note This method does not allow you to add photos/images, only text, and you may be unable to save the file with the changes.
  3. Download and save the file by right clicking and selecting “save link as”. You may then upload this file to Vistaprint, or e-mail it to a print shop of your choice and request their help in customizing the document.