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Kripalu Compass

Our monthly e-mail publication featuring short articles, updates on what’s new at Kripalu, and a variety of inspirational and informative pieces. Below, we archive previous issues of Kripalu Compass (formerly Kripalu Online).

For a wealth of engaging articles from Kripalu Compass and our catalogs, please visit our Kripalu Articles page. You can also find new inspiration for your taste buds in the many delicious recipes featured in Kripalu Recipes.

Recent Issues

September 2014
Feature Article: “Seven Back-to-School Strategies to Help You Stress Less and Simplify Your Life,” by Renée Peterson Trudeau
Recipes: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Outside Our Walls: The Family That Goes to School Together
Other: The Lessons of Positivity, Ayurvedic Fall Festival, Back to Yoga School, The ABC’s of Healthy Living, and more!

August 2014
Feature Article: “The Road Back to Yourself,” by Joan Borysenko
Recipes: Zucchini Mint Frittata
Podcast: Food, Glorious Food, with Jeremy Rock Smith
Other: Outliving Food Cravings, 10 Ways to Bring Ayurveda into Your Workplace, Moving Forward After Cancer, The Seva CD Series, and more!

July 2014
Feature Article: “Five Steps to Eating for Better Health,” by Joan Borysenko
Recipes: Carrot, Celery, and Apple Juice
Outside Our Walls: Regaining Balance
Other: Yoga and Fitness Retreat, Advance Your Teaching, Managing the Tension of Relaxation, A Balanced Approach to Detox, and more!

June 2014
Feature Article: “Befriending Your Body: How Yoga Helps Heal Trauma,” A Q&A with
Bessel van der Kolk
Recipes: Indian Chickpeas in Coconut Curry Sauce
Podcast: Retreat into Relaxation, with Jennifer Reis
Other: Yoga Making Waves, Yoga in Schools Isn’t Just for Kids, The Power of Yoga Therapy, I’d Love to do a Yoga Teacher Training, But…, Food As Medicine, Symposium on Yoga Research, and more!