Kripalu Perspectives Podcast: Mothers and Daughters Find Union in Yoga, with Sarahjoy Marsh
In this month’s podcast, yoga teacher and author Sarahjoy Marsh discusses how yoga can be an incredibly bonding experience between mothers and daughters.

June 2015 podcast Listen now.

Sarahjoy Marsh teaches at Kripalu July 17–19.

Fun and Sun,
Kripalu Style!
This summer, Kripalu offers fun-filled outdoor adventures designed to connect you with the beauty and boldness of the world around you and within you.

Find out more Yoga Summer Camp: An Outdoor Adventure for Adults, Hiking and Yoga, and Kayaking and Yoga.

Follow Your Passion, Practically
Ready to fulfill your dream of a becoming a yoga teacher? You need a solid, comprehensive training that will prepare you to successfully share the gifts of yoga. Kripalu has been training yoga teachers for 40 years. Come see how we do it—it’ll change your life.

Find out more about 200-Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training. Next monthlongs begin June 28 and July 26.

A New Paradigm for Growth and Healing
According to clinical psychologist and yoga teacher Bo Forbes, finding emotional balance doesn’t mean not feeling emotions, it means being able to fully experience those emotions, and then coming back to center. Watch Bo’s video.

Beyond Emotional Balance: A Curriculum for Human Growth, with Bo Forbes, begins July 12 and continues through January 20, 2016. The program includes an on-site immersion, 16 online classes, conference calls with faculty, and self-paced exploration at home.

Do This Now: Walking Meditation
First, stand tall and feel the weight of your body supported by the floor. Clasp your hands in front or in back of you. Slowly lift one foot and place it on the ground; then the other. Stay with the simple focus on the foot as it moves, and on the sensations of the whole body in the process of walking. Notice. Enjoy.
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Your Summer Reading List
Recommendations from Kripalu Faculty and Staff

This is the season when we give ourselves permission to read for pure pleasure. Maybe it’s a holdover from back when June meant “no more pencils, no more books”—time to swap out the algebra textbook for a juicy Danielle Steele novel. We asked Kripalu staff and faculty to share a few of their favorites to add to your summer reading list. Their recommendations run the gamut from adventure to self-discovery to neuroscience, from ancient texts to new novels. So string up the hammock or spread a blanket on the grass, make a pitcher of lemonade (or a cup of tulsi tea), and crack open one of these great books.

Browse the reading list.

Kripalu Kitchen Recipes
Quinoa Avocado Salad

Simple, fresh, and easy to make, our Quinoa Avocado Salad is packed with protein, heart-healthy fats, and tons of flavor.

Make it today, Kripalu Executive Chef Jeremy Rock Smith shows you how!

Vinyasa Through the Kripalu Lens
Infuse your teaching with power, purpose, and heart: Explore vinyasa through the lens of the Kripalu Yoga methodology.

Learn more about Leading Vinyasa and the 300-Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training.

Why Food Matters
Genetics are only part of the disease picture: Diet and lifestyle contribute an estimated 70 percent to the current epidemic of chronic disease. If you’re a health professional, you need to know how to help your clients eat right. Expand your skills by exploring the Kripalu Approach to whole-foods healing and clinical nutrition.

Nutrition Intensive for Health Professionals, June 21–26

Kripalu Goes West—and North
On the West Coast? Come visit us at Yoga Journal LIVE! San Diego, June 25–29. Use the code KRIPALU to get discounted admission.

Closer to home, we head to Wanderlust Stratton, June 18–21, in Bondville, Vermont. Stop by the Kripalu booth!

The Choice of an Open Heart, by Maria Sirois
There are moments in life when the forces that be hit us over the head and say, “Here. Now. Pay attention. This is important.” Infants arrive, towers fall, homes burn, lost ones return, illness erupts, children die—such moments carry with them a potency and a possibility.
Read more.

Find out about Maria Sirois’ on-site/online program, Crafting the Resilient Life, beginning July 20.

Other Great Opportunities in June
Vandita Kate Marchesiello
June 7–10
Transform, Relax, and Rejuvenate: An Introduction to Yoga, Meditation, and Deep Relaxation

Brant Secunda and Mark Allen
June 19–21
Fit Soul, Fit Body: Nine Keys to a Healthier, Happier You

John Bagnulo
June 26–28
Summer Deep Clean

Ray Crist, Sebastian Pauccar Flores, and Jamee Curtice
June 28–July 3
Yoga and Shamanism

Kripalu Community Class on World Yoga Day
Sunday, June 21, is World Yoga Day. On that day, Kripalu will be teaching a special free yoga class at Tanglewood, complete with live classical music, from 10:00–11:00 am, rain or shine. Plan to be with us that week!
Quote of the Month
“Begin today. Declare out loud to the universe that you are willing to let go of struggle and eager to learn through joy.”
—Sarah Ban Breathnach
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