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Get centered with this peaceful, grounding meditation led by Kripalu faculty member Jennifer Reis. Then see how different you feel!

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get more time to slow down, with an r&r retreat special
Here’s your chance to let go of life’s hectic pace and carve space to care for yourself. From November 2, 2014, to February 13, 2015, stay two midweek nights and get one free. Or, stay three midweek nights and get two free. Create the retreat you want by choosing from inspiring workshops and invigorating outdoor activities.

Find out about our R&R Retreat Special this fall and winter.

Experience Thanksgiving at Kripalu—more relaxation, no dirty dishes!

making an impact: coming back to life with ayurveda
Kerry Harling spent years being diagnosed with a myriad of diseases, including fibromyalgia, depression, Lyme disease, anxiety, and chronic fatigue. Her path back to health began when she discovered Ayurveda—and now she’s sharing it with her community.

Read Kerry’s story.

check out the kripalu blog
Read Thrive, the Kripalu blog, and stay connected! Browse articles on yoga, health, and wellness, like “Life as a Practice,” a Q&A with Kripalu Yoga teacher and life coach Coby Kozlowski.

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you can heal your heart
by david kessler and louise hay

In this excerpt from their new book, You Can Heal Your Heart, coauthors David Kessler and Louise Hay address how grief after the loss of a loved one can be both sharpened and softened around the holidays.

Holidays are about togetherness. When you’ve lost someone special, your world loses its celebratory qualities. Holidays only magnify loss, since the sadness feels sadder and the loneliness goes deeper. Many people feel that they’re victims of their memories, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can take control of how you remember your loved one, and you can take control of how you honor him or her on a holiday.

Read more.

kripalu kitchen recipes
Move over, candied sweet potatoes: A new Thanksgiving side dish is in town! Dates add a hint of sweetness to this yummy vegan recipe.

Kripalu Kitchen Recipe of the Month:
Roasted Vegetables with Dates

nutrition matters
Why wait to feel better? Learn the basics of proper detox and, if you’re a health professional, discover holistic tools that can promote better health—both for your clients and yourself.

Find out more about Detox for Health and Healing, November 20–December 5, and Nutrition Intensive for Health Professionals, December 7–12.

the letter i never sent, by kim childs
In the field of Positive Psychology, there’s a famous happiness-boosting exercise called the gratitude letter. Designed by Dr. Martin Seligman, it involves writing, delivering, and reading a letter of gratitude to someone whose life enriched yours. Read more.
why go 500?
In-depth training is an essential part of your growth and success as a yoga teacher. Each module of our 500-hour training focuses on a specific advanced skill set, preparing you to reach more people in many different venues.

Read a Q&A about the Kripalu School of Yoga’s 500-Hour Certification.

quote of the month
Negativity is the enemy of creativity.
—David Lynch, American filmmaker
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